The Crew Behind the brew

A.K.A - The hoodlems

Aaron Bergh

President & Commander-in-Mischief

A taste for lawlessness and booze runs deep in Aaron’s family roots. When the ATF shut down his family’s moonshining operation during the Prohibition, the family business was far from over. A century later, the man came knocking again. This time in the form of the college housing authorities, who didn’t much appreciate Aaron making hooch in his dorm. Finding refuge in an off-campus safehouse, he continued to master his craft under the cover of night while working on his plan to go legit. Calwise Spirits are made in celebration of the lifestyle Aaron found on the coast of California: a celebration of reckless adventure, defying authority, and of course, California sunshine (but not too much because he’s a ginger).

Matt dolman

Accountant & Certified

Matt Dolman has over twenty-five years of accounting and business management experience with a focus on manufacturing and non-profit industries. More recently he has focused on the spirits, beer, and wine related businesses. He moved to Paso Robles in the spring of 2015 from North County San Diego to enjoy the Central Coast lifestyle. He enjoys hiking, cycling, and camping with his wife, Nicole.

Paul Black

Brand Ambassador
Greater San Diego Area

Paul has worked in the specialty food and beverage industry for over a decade, starting with a focus on gourmet cheeses and meats, before becoming infatuated with beer, wine, and spirits. As a firm believer in eating and drinking adventurously while also celebrating local cuisine, he has yet to find a regional treat he didn’t want to eat. As a native Californian, he is proud to have a taste of his home in every bottle of Calwise Spirits.

Mandie Geller

Marketing Coordinator & Social Mediaholic

Mandie dances her way through life with a smile on her face and her camera around her neck. She has a passion for people and for sharing their stories through her lens. She can often be found adventuring around San Luis Obispo County in her over-sized tie-dye sweatshirt enjoying all of the fruits life has to offer. Her desire to see the world has led her to travel to some of the Earth's most incredible places, from South Africa to Israel. Despite her drive to travel, there's nothing more this free-spirit enjoys than some good conversation while sipping on a Calwise cocktail right here in SLO with her best friends.

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