The Crew behind the brew

A.K.A - The hoodlems

Aaron Bergh

President & Commander-in-Mischief

A taste for lawlessness and booze runs deep in Aaron’s family roots. When the ATF shut down his family’s moonshining operation during the Prohibition, the family business was far from over. A century later, the man came knocking again. This time in the form of the college housing authorities, who didn’t much appreciate Aaron making hooch in his dorm. Finding refuge in an off-campus safehouse, he continued to master his craft under the cover of night while working on his plan to go legit. Calwise Spirits are made in celebration of the lifestyle Aaron found on the coast of California: a celebration of reckless adventure, defying authority, and of course, California sunshine (but not too much because he’s a ginger).

Sarah Kraft

Sales Consultant

She may seem like a lady, but Sarah has the spirit of a rebel and the heart of a lion.  Mostly she likes to spend her time on the water looking out to sea and hanging in the rigging, but when she is not sailing the high seas she is mixing drinks and pouring cocktails for those thirsty California souls.  Traveling is also in her blood, and after spending her high school years in New Zealand, this native Californian took to the local wine and spirits trade by force which not only fits her tomboy like nature and philosophical tendencies, but it has also allowed her Sommelier skills to flourish…  You can find her when she comes into Los Angeles port with a fresh supply of rum and gin, and if you are lucky she will share a cocktail or two with you.  May ye also be warned— once you have had one there is no going back!

Luke Beaton


An adventurer at heart and an entrepreneur by trade, Luke spends the majority of his time exploring the great outdoors and meeting awesome people around the country. He enjoys music, camping, and long walks on the beach. His greatest dream is to surf a monster wave and survive to tell the tale. The wanderlust in the deepest depths of Luke’s soul is only satiated by the mountains and coastlines of beautiful California and by drinking delicious Calwise rum with friends.

Paige Ruonala

Marketing Coordinator
Resident Dog Petter

Paige is the newest addition to the Calwise team. As a true San Diegan, Paige enjoys the beach, nice weather, and a good Anchorman reference. You’ll most likely find her at a music festival or talking too much about her study abroad experience in Paris. Don’t get her started on the croissants, seriously. She also has a slight obsession with her french bulldog Izzy (yes, the dog even has its own Instagram).

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