Hand Sanitizer

We didn’t initially plan on manufacturing sanitizer. When we learned of the harsh reality that crucial public servants like doctors, nurses, first responders, homeless shelters, and food banks didn’t have access to cost-effective sanitizer options, we couldn’t just stand idly by. We’re committed to keeping our prices as low as possible so everyone in the community can benefit from this life-saving liquid. To ensure that as many people have access as possible, we are also implementing limits on the sanitizer. We’re all in this together.  

Per FDA guidelines, our hand sanitizer is made from high purity ethanol alcohol (80%), glycerin (1.45%), and hydrogen peroxide (0.125%).

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Current sanitizer offerings for the general public:


4oz personal bottle with mister
Limited to walk-in customers


12oz personal sanitizer spray bottle


16oz refill bottle with screw cap

Given high demand, available stock changes daily. Bulk order discounts may apply. When emailing us, please let us know specifically what you need so we can add your order to the queue and if you plan to pick up or utilize a carrier.

Please contact us at sanitizer@calwisespirits.com