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BS Gin

Big Sur Gin

With wild native herbs

Our gin is crafted in honor of one of our favorite places in the world. It’s distilled from wine grapes and native herbs including juniper, sage, yerba santa, bay, and elderberry to bring you the experience of a Big Sur hike in a bottle. You could enjoy it at home but we think it pairs best with campfires and skinny dipping in hot springs.

old tom Big Sur Gin
a collaboration with firestone walker

Crafted from malted barley and wild native herbs

We made this gin with our friends down the road at Firestone Walker Brewing Company. It began as a mash of malted barley and grapes that was then fermented by native yeast. The resulting spirit was infused with coriander, fresh orange peel, roses, fennel, and native white sage. Old Tom gin was often stored in oak barrels while it waited to be consumed. To re-create an authentic 18th century British gin, we aged a version of Old Tom Gin in Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale barrels before bottling – lending the spirit notes of toffee, caramel, and baking spice.

Axe Hole Whiskey

U.S. grains and a taste of lawlessness

You can taste the bold richness of the chocolate-roast malts in the whiskey. We pot distilled the fermented mash twice. The spirit aged in a charred American oak barrel for 1 year and 6 months in a wine barrel to lend it some fruitiness.

hazard Reef Rum

An uncharted, hidden paradise

Our rum is distilled in small batches from U.S.-grown molasses and carefully crafted to create the perfect Tiki libation. It’s a curious concoction that adds an exotic touch of magic to tropical cocktails. There's no turning back now- welcome to Hazard Reef.

Western fruit exchange
orange liqueur

Freshly picked, California oranges

Our orange liqueur is handcrafted from brandy and fresh oranges sourced exclusively from California fruit growers. With a bright orange flavor and subtle sweetness, it is the perfect addition to any cocktail or dessert.

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