Help us end unfair
prohibition era laws

We Need your help!

One silver lining of Covid-19 was emergency regulations allowing direct-to-consumer shipping for spirits. Prior to March 2020, craft distilleries were not allowed to ship spirits (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey) direct-to-consumer due to outdated prohibition laws. They had to physically visit the distillery for the ability to purchase their spirits. The relaxing of shipping laws turned out to be a:

WIN for Consumers (convenience, safety, & choice)
WIN for Small Business (revenue & employment)
WIN for the State of CA (increased taxes)

The emergency direct-to-consumer shipping laws are set to expire on December 31st. At that time, we will not be able to ship spirits to you anymore.

NOW, is the time to make your voice heard by asking your
State Senator and Assembly Member to support SB 620.



YOU should decide what spirits to purchase and businesses to support.
Contact your California State Senator & Assembly Member today.

Politely ask them to allow you to buy spirits directly from craft-distilleries, and have them delivered (with adult signature) to your door.


the Governmental Organization (GO) Senate Chairperson (the committee that leads this vote)
the Governmental Organization (GO) Assembly Member (the committee that leads this vote)

Sample email

Below is an adapted email sent by a craft-spirit fan. Feel free to use the parts of this letter that resonate with you to make it your own.

Subject: Allow DtC Spirits Shipments – Support SB 620  

Whenever possible, I prefer to support small, local, 'boutique' businesses over big box stores and online monopolies. I am also very busy and rely heavily one commerce. I am writing to request the freedom to have direct shipments from craft-distilleries shipped to my door much like I do my wines, books, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and other personal items. 

It is absurd that in 2021 - in California! - I have to walk into a grocery store, liquor store, or big box store to purchase my spirits. Most of the time, they only have equally "big box" liquor brands that are sold everywhere. There are so many craft-distillers in California producing small lots of unique spirits that I want to drink. Yet, I have limited access to purchase them because they don't produce enough to be represented by distributors. 

California boasts a vibrant agricultural community, and “maker environment.”  I like knowing where my spirits are made and the stories of the people who put their hearts into conceiving and crafting them. I want to support these artisans by buying their products. I should be able to do this in a way that is convenient and efficient: online at any time I choose. 

Small businesses are the engines that drive our economy, give our communities charm, and employ our neighbors in family-like environments. Unfortunately, heavy-handed, outdated regulations, along with special interest groups, are killing the ability for California craft-distillers to compete and ultimately exist. 

One silver lining to come from the pandemic is the ability to purchase craft spirits online and have them shipped to my house (with adult signature) thanks to temporary emergency regulations issued by the ABC. I am asking you to permanently allow direct-to-consumer shipments of craft-spirits.  

Thank you for your time.